The Irish Sun

IF you have any desire to enjoy room-filling, windo wrattling
sound for TV or
computer but don’t want to
spend a lot — we suggest
Evolve Audio’s SB-2500.
It’s essentially a 2.1 soundbar/
sub-woofer combo but with a host
of extra features to really make the
Evolve Audio SB-2500 sing.
Visual and Build Quality: The info
is presented by coloured LEDs
which stand out nicely against the
cold-black of the two main components.
Build quality is superb —
heavy, wooden woofer-box with a
lightweight but sturdy, metal
Set-up is easy if you have any
experience with rudimentary AV
equipment or take a moment to
read the manual. A great first
impression all-round.
The Sound: Very good to excellent
depending on content, faux-3D
effects were great with TV and
movies, with gaming SB-2500 is a
fantastic experience.
Explosions, whispering, panning
of footsteps etc make these speakers
worth the upgrade from your
TV or puny 15-Watt PC speakers.
Music is where it is least effective
but not due to the quality of
output — I would have liked a custom
EQ. But overall there was
enough to play with to cover most
The Features: Included is an
optical cable for your consoles or
PC, and a set of high-quality wireless
headphones. You read that
correctly. The headset has up/down
volume controls on the earpiece
and switching between main and
headphone output can be controlled
simply by switching the
phones on or off, again on the earpiece.
The provided remote has a
dimmer for the LEDs, very nice
touch. The unit takes bluetooth so
it can double as a wireless system
for parties or when you can’t
bother plugging in the 3.5mm and
it can play tracks straight from
your mobile phone.
The headset charges via a USB
port on the back of the woofer,
standard cable is provided
Overall: I loved the big, wide
sound of the SB-2500, it looks
great and is very easy to use even
as full-featured as it is. It is not an
expensive soundbar, nor particularly
expensive for PC speakers of
quality. That makes it even easier
to recommend — the features
sweeten the deal while never compromising
on quality. 9.5.