Best In Class Sound

EVOLVE Superior ATOM Drivers
The EVO-1 wireless headphones deliver outstanding sound within a compact housing by utilizing the
world’s most powerful neodymium magnets. The neodymium magnets are made with rare-earth material
and are twice as powerful than regular ferroferric oxide magnets. The neodymium magnets help deliver powerful
sound whilst minimising power consumption and weight for comfortable long-term usage.

Magnetic Power Comparison of headphone magnet

Ferroferric Oxide




40mm 8ohm High Efficiency ATOM Drive x 2
24-bit Audio Codec
Three Dimensional Head Fitting Adjustment
Integrates with Evolve Audio Soundbars
8-10 hours playback time from one full charge
USB Charging Port
Wireless Audio Transmission
Audio Sampling frequency: 48khz ( CD 44.1khz)
Audio bit depth: 16-bit (CD 16-bit)
Automatic Adaptive Frequency Shift
Forward Error Correction
S/N Ratio : 96dB
Audio Latency 12.5ms (Bluetooth > 150ms)
Transmission Distance: 12m line of sight